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The Rome 312 panorama - now extended until the end of 2016

The world’s largest 360° panorama, “Rome 312,” depicts the ancient world’s capital in the year 312 CE.
Visitors experience Emperor Constantine’s entrance with his entourage in the million-inhabitant city after his victory over Maxentius. The 360° panorama opens before you from the 15-meter-high platform in the historic gasometer, offering the best view of the ancient city in its full architectural bloom.
The view sweeps over densely built-up hills, over the famous temples, thermal baths and basilicas, and over buildings whose ruins still characterize Rome today; and behind it all, the Alban Hills on the horizon. The model was a historic panorama made in 1889.
The accompanying exhibition shows visitors the life and time of Constantine, who ended the persecution of Christians and thus laid the foundation for the Christian West with Rome as the center of the Christian world.
The accompaniment, specially composed by Eric Babak, and a soundscape tailored to the time and place, complete the panorama experience.
It is a special honor for Yadegar Asisi to show his historic “Rome 312” in Pforzheim, formerly the Roman city of Portus.
Dive into the Roman world of the year 312.
Learn more about Yadegar Asisi on his website - got to Asisi’s Panoramic World.

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Tours at the Gasometer

Tours at the Gasometer

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