Great Barrier Reef

The GREAT BARRIER REEF by Yadegar Asisi

Magical world coral reef

In the 360° panorama GREAT BARRIER REEF, visitors discover the unique underwater world of the coral reef off the northeast coast of Australia. The motivation for the project lay in the fascination for the diversity and fragile complexity existing under the water surface of a habitat that is imperceptible at first glance. On location, people have to go underwater and dive to get an impression of this diversity and uniqueness.

In the panorama, the submarine world opens up as if from a vantage point below sea level. In color gradients of shades of blue, azure and green, the refraction of light in the ocean makes the strange world of corals and sea creatures glow in the panoramic image, especially near the surface of the water. The art space thereby compresses an area half the size of France. Prototypical natural spaces are found interwoven, which do not coexist in the real world, but are located far away or are at different water depths. Asisi has created a hyper-realistic space that only in the panorama allows an all-encompassing perception of the coral reef.

On several journeys and with the help of documentary filmmaker Ben Cropp, Yadegar Asisi has accessed the underwater world. Tens of thousands of underwater photos and a collection of artistic sketches went into the creation of the panorama. Yadegar Asisi was advised by Dr. Moshira Hassan of Reefcheck e.V. on the positioning of the individual topographical picture elements and reef-specific details.

Source Grebe, Karsten: Geat Barrier Reef. Wunderwelt Korallenriff (2017), (Dated: November 14, 2019)