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"Looking over the shoulder of the sculptors of Pergamon!"

The Greeks and also the Romans had a diverse world of gods and built various temples in their honour.
This was also the case in the city of Pergamon, which is still known for its famous altar. An important element of the Greek temples were sculptures of gods, heroes and mythical creatures. For a long time it was thought that they were as white as marble. Today, we know from the remains of paint that they were painted in colour. You can see a colourful statue in our exhibition. You can listen to many other interesting stories about the temples and sculptures of the city of Pergamon in this guided tour.

Dates: 07-10.04.23 at 3:00 pm each day

11-14.04.23 each 11:00am

15.04. and 16.04.23 each at 3:00 p.m.

Maximum number of participants: 20 persons.

Adults: € 5.00 per person plus admission!
Children 6 to max. 16 years: Participation in the guided tour free of charge.

Prior reservation under 07231/7760997!

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